Favorite Photo Friday - Holidays, IG Style

So I kind of skipped right over the holidays there, didn't I?  Oops.  Let me backtrack just a bit here.  We had a very nice laid back Christmas break.  We hung out, decorated cookies, visited with family that came in town, ate a lot of yummy food and just enjoyed being together.  It was the first Christmas without my mom, and I missed her like crazy.  We always spent a lot of time on our holiday menu and she loved seeing the kids with all their Christmas morning goodies, so it definitely wasn't the same without her.  I guess all these "firsts" are just going to take some getting used to.  Maybe next year, I'll actually be able to bring myself to listen to the book she recorded for the kids ('Twas the Night Before Christmas), I just couldn't do it this year.

I concentrated this year on really being in the moment with the kids and only snapped a few pics with my iPhone.  Christmas morning we woke up to thunderstorms and lots of dark clouds, so conditions weren't exactly ideal for the big camera anyway.  Christmas Eve, the kids decorated gingerbread men (we gave up on building houses, we can never get them to stay together!), but I think next year, we'll make our own homemade cookies.  The cookies that come in those kits are so hard they're inedible, and what fun is that?!?!


I think for the first time ever, Derek and I were actually up before the kids Christmas morning. It didn't take long to get them downstairs though, and everyone was very happy with what Santa left them. I have to say that as hesitant as Santa was about getting an XBox 360, we've already all enjoyed it and I think it's going to be a fun family activity. 


While Uncle Lynn was here visiting from Utah, we took the train to Dallas and went to the 6th Floor Museum (the site where President Kennedy was assassinated), as he'd never been there before. The J's enjoyed the train and the history lesson, too (of course, we had to teach them proper conspiracy theory, as we are not believers that there was only one shooter or a ridiculous "magic" bullet). :) 


We spent New Year's Eve at home with some of our neighbors and had a really nice night. I used to love to get dressed up and head out on the town, but now we prefer staying safe at home and ringing in the new year with the kids. A sign that we're getting old, perhaps?
the long road
Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
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