A letter to my mom on her birthday


Hi Mom,
Happy birthday in Heaven.  It's hard to believe that it's been 6 months already since you left.  I still think of you every single day and miss you more than I thought possible.  Everyone is doing well, you'd be so proud of the kids grades this year, they're all doing a great job in school.  Doodle has his first Upward basketball game today (he looks so cute in his uniform) and the girls start volleyball in just a few weeks.  I am moving Jacey's team up to the competitive league so she's really excited (and a little nervous) about that.  Jakob just keeps getting taller and taller, I have a feeling you two would be about eye to eye about now.  Hard to believe he only has a few months left in middle school.

Daddy is doing really well, you'd be proud of him too.  He learned how to take care of things really quickly, I've hardly helped at all.  He got the foundation of the house fixed (the garage door doesn't do that crazy shimmy thing that is used to do any more, lol) and he's working on fixing all kinds of other things.  Work keeps him busy and his boss has been so awesome, I know you're thankful for that and I am, too.

The holidays were hard, I tried to be upbeat and stay positive, but am not sure I always succeeded.  It just wasn't the same without you.  We didn't have gravy on Thanksgiving, lol, you know how much I suck at making it, so I didn't even attempt it.  Christmas was quiet, but fun.  The kids got a new XBox 360 and Derek set it up in the media room for them (which was a treat in itself given that they were previously forbidden from being in the man cave without supervision).  Jacey got a laptop too, you wouldn't believe how much school work she has to do on the computer.  Derek got me a pretty necklace with the kids' names on it and a new pink running jacket, which I'm probably going to need in a couple of hours, it looks like it's going to rain on my 5K today.

Later after my race and Jack's basketball game, Dad, Aunt Jean and all of us are going to go out to eat for your birthday.  Daddy and I decided you'd approve of Mexican Inn, actually, I suppose you'd have probably approved of ANY Mexican restaurant, so we couldn't really go wrong there.  It was strange not shopping for you a gift this year, I'm going to wear the butterfly necklace I got you last year today.

I sure do miss you, Mom, and just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you today.  I hope you hear the kids singing to you later, because I know they will.  Happy birthday and we love you tons.




Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Thinking of you today my friend!!!
I was reminded it was your sweet Momma's birthday the minute I woke up this morning. I came down the steps and opened facebook to see her bday notification. My heart skipped a beat.....

I know you Miss her, but I also know that she would be so proud of you and your Daddy, for your strength and perseverance through all that has transpired..... and I am so glad that you will all be together today to celebrate her life!

Wish I could be there with you, but I guess I will just have to wait until February!

Luv Ya~


Macladie said...

What a nice letter to write on your Mother's Birthday. Makes me miss my mother so much also.
Eat a taco for me!

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