Favorite Photo Friday - Jacey

It's been a while since I did an update on the kids individually so I thought that might be fun. I'm starting with Jacey because I've been wanting to brag on her for some time now. In October, we celebrated 7 years with our gorgeous girl and in just 2 short weeks, she'll be hitting a milestone birthday and joining Jakob in teenager-hood.

Jacey has truly transformed in these last few months and it's been amazing to witness. Not only is she growing physically (where did this long, lean girl with feet almost as big as mine come from?!?!), she has reached a whole new level of maturity that just blows my mind. I was concerned about her transition into middle school this year. It's a much larger school and a much more difficult schedule to manage, and honestly, I was worried that my least organized child would struggle to keep up with the demands of all of her classes. Well, my oh my, has she proved me wrong so far. Not only is she keeping up, she's excelling and earning higher grades than she ever has before. I used to practically have to sit on her to get her to do homework in elementary school and this year I haven't even so much as seen anything she's working on, she just comes in, heads upstairs and gets it done. I check in from time to time about assignments and tests (our teachers are good about emailing what the kids are working on and what tests are coming up) and she simply says "Yep, I'm ready" or "Yes, it's done" and goes right on about her business. I'm actually feeling a little left out, lol, but am SO proud that she has taken on the responsibility so beautifully.

She chose band for her elective, is really enjoying learning about music and practices her flute religiously. She LOVES volleyball (which of course, makes her momma very happy) and hopes to make the 7th grade team next year. I coach her rec league team and though I know she thinks sometimes I'm harder on her than anyone else (isn't that the job of the mom/coach?!?), we are having a blast on the court together.

Jacey has always been a very thoughtful, caring child, but we are just amazed at the mature, responsible and helpful young lady that she is becoming. We couldn't be more proud of our biggest girl and look forward to seeing what the coming months and years bring for her. I think the teenage chapter in her life is going to be an awesome one...and yes, I realize I may be back in a couple of years singing a different tune here, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
the long road 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, TGIF!
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